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Get free music downloads with Music Oasis!  Features a wide selection of music to choose from with no purchase or registration required.  Plus, it's legal! 

Music Oasis Features

  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Download Size: 1.75 MB
  • Operating System (OS) requirements: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Browser requirements: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer
  • Software requirements: None
  • Hardware requirements: None
  • Tags: free music, free music downloads
  • Publisher:
  • Music Oasis is not associated with Apple iPod® or Microsoft Zune.

How it works: 

InstallX, LLC makes it possible for you to access the entire Music Oasis library by opening the application from the start menu or the icon on your desktop. Once you have opened the application, navigate through the Music Library by either choosing a song from those shown on the main screen or by using the navigation on the left-hand side of the application. To use the left-hand navigation, click on the genre you would like to explore. This will bring up the albums that are associated with that category. For any song list that you are viewing, you have the ability to view by tile or list and also by track, artist, or album. These options can be found on the top right-hand side of the player.

To play an album, click on the album image or name and your song will immediately start playing.

To pause a song, click on the "ll" button on the top of the player. To start playing a song, click on the ">" button on the top of the player.

Volume can be controlled with the slider on the top of the player, denoted by the speaker icon.

To create a playlist, click on the "+" next to the "Playlists" section in the left-hand navigation and then name your playlist. Once this is done, you can drag and drop any song onto the name of that playlist to add it to it.

To download a song, click on any of the download buttons that are shown next to that track or in the bottom left-hand side of the player, if the song is currently playing. To view your downloads, click on "View My Downloads" in the left-hand navigation. Then click on "My Downloads" on the top right-hand of that area.

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Music Oasis Get free music downloads with Music Oasis!  Features a wide selection of music to choose from with no purchase or registration required.  Plus, it's legal!  3.5 39824 0.00 In stock