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Wishing you were out on the court? Score a three-pointer as this screensaver pack spins through three awesome basketball shots.

Basketball Screensaver Features

  • Version: 1.0
  • Download Size: 1.09MB
  • Operating System (OS) requirements: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • Browser requirements: None
  • Software requirements: DirectX 9.0c, Flash Player 10
  • Hardware requirements: None
  • Tags: basketball, basketball court, court, hoops, three pointer
  • Publisher: W3i, LLC

How It Works:

After installing, your computer will automatically bring up your Screen Saver Settings. This is where you choose a screensaver to be used on your computer.

Go to the Screensaver section and make sure that the screensaver that you desire is chosen in the first drop-down menu. You can then change your settings by clicking the Settings button. This brings up another window where you can choose other types of options associated with that particular screensaver. Back in your Screen Saver Settings window, choose how long you would like your system to wait before showing the screensaver. After you do this, click Apply and then OK. This will then save any of the choices and changes that you just made.

Should you ever change to switch your screensaver again, go to the Control Panel and then choose Personalization and then Screensaver. You can then make your choices in the window that comes up. Make sure to click Apply and Ok to save any changes that you have made.
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W3i, LLC Basketball Screensaver Wishing you were out on the court? Score a three-pointer as this screensaver pack spins through three awesome basketball shots. 4 31 0.00 In stock